Nestlé Toll House Just Debuted Cookie Dough That You Can Eat Straight From The Tub


These delicious new treats are said to be made of “heat-treated” flour and contain no eggs, which takes away the threat of salmonella and other diseases associated with raw cookie dough.

I’ve lost count of the number of wrist slaps I’ve received from my mom every time I’ve tried to sneak some raw cookie dough past her. Even today, as a fully grown “adult” capable of doing her own taxes and paying her own bills, my wrists still bear the sharp pain of my mom’s ninja slaps when these forbidden clouds of goodness are in the house. Lucky for me and my sore wrists, we might just be saying goodbye to this age-old tradition quite soon. All thanks to Nestlé Toll House’s latest product which is basically all our childhood dreams come true.

CBS News reports that the two flavors available are chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip monster, the latter of which is a delicious combination of peanut butter, oats, and candy-coated chocolate. The edible cookie dough comes in 15-ounce containers and retails for about $5.50, which is about twice the price of a normal pack of Nestlé Toll House chocolate chip cookie dough that you need to bake before eating. I guess the hiked up price is what you need to pay for letting your inner child have its ultimate cookie dough dream come true.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the edible cookie dough is available for purchase only at Publix, but the Nestlé has promised that it will soon be hitting shelves at Walmart in the Southeast and other local grocery stores later this summer. Twitter user @LilDisFan was lucky enough to spot the edible cookie dough variants even before the company made the official announcement and tweeted a picture of the products with the caption: Why yes, I am going to try the Toll House edible cookie dough. Nestlé was fully supportive of the netizen’s plan and tweeted back: An excellent idea.



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